Been Busy & News!

18 03 2009

Been Busy:
Been playing Resident Evil 5, and beat it last night. My review for it should be up some time this week on the site. Overall, it has been a busy week and I should get a few more updates in by the weekend.

Notable News:
Mass Effect 2 was confrimed for PC, and Xbox 360

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Coming to PS3

I’ll try to have my review for Resident Evil 5 on the site by Friday.

– bm

Army of Two: 40th Day Announced

12 03 2009


The sequel to Army of Two has been announced, it’s called “Army of Two: 40th Day.” Army of Two came out just a little over a year ago, and from reviews was a bit dissapointing. Along with the photo (above), there were also some details released;

New setting of Shanghai, where a series of strange catastrophes have the city on the brink of ruin. Our two fist-bumping friends Rios and Salem find themselves in the middle of the action, fighting their way through the ruins as they uncover the mysterious forces bringing the city to its knees. If the rumor holds true, said forces are an army of private military contractors trying to take over the city, but we’ll let them have their little secrets for now.

The 40th Day promises to open up the dynamic duo’s co-op playbook even further, giving players new strategies and choices as they progress through the game.

With Army of Two: 40th Day , we’re pushing the tactical two-man military team into new battlegrounds offering a completely organic and rich co-op experience to deliver an action-packed co-op shooter this winter,” says Reid Schneider, Executive Producer, EA Montreal. “As chaos blankets Shanghai, China, you must rely on your partner to survive as you weave through a broken city left devastated in a mysterious wake.”

I’ll have to keep an eye on this one to see how it turns out.

P.S. Anyone know what it says on the guy’s arm? Something like “Dwa Con Dios”? Anyone know what that means?

Look What I Have! (Zombies+DLC)

11 03 2009

3346012190_081d9ea8b3That’s right! I have Resident Evil 5 four days early thanks to a small game store here in Southern California. I won’t say what store since I do not want them to get in trouble, but big thanks to them.

So far I’ve played two levels of Chapter 1 and I love it so far. Completely owned the first boss. It brings back many memories from Resident Evil 4. But it’s funny, I spend a lot of time running around trying to find ammo, because of course you can never have enough ammo in a Resident Evil game.

Click more to see what the Downloadable Content is!

Someone who has the strategy guide already posted that there will be Downloadable Content for Resident Evil 5, here is what is coming out in the future for it;

The Official Strategy Guide confirms the appearance of a “Versus” mode, which features two game modes:


Plays very similar to Mercenaries, but with players competing against each other to get the highest score from kill infected souls and B.O.Ws. A handicap system helps the player with the lowest points by doubling the amount of points they are awarded (though this doesn’t apply to combo bonuses). Time Bonus and Combo Bonus rules apply as before, with enemy types and item locations remaining the same (as in Mercenaries).

If any player dies during a game, they lose points and will reappear elsewhere on the map to carry on playing (note: you may sometimes spawn in the heat of a battle, or next to a boss). There is no limit to the amount of times you can die, though you shouldn’t expect much of a score if you do too often. Most players will encounter enemies on difficulty grade level 6 (Normal/Veteran), but the leading player must battle enemies on Grade level 10 (Pro level).

There is a lot more, but it’s involving statistics, and bonuses. Essentially, a Versus Mercenary mode.


This game variant is all about Player VS Player action. There are still aggressive creatures present, making the arenas more challenging, but their frequency has been reduced. Combos no longer play a role, as the points you score are directly received from dealing damage to other players. There are no points for killing monsters. You must also strive from taking any damage from the monsters yourself.

Each player starts with just a basic firearm, with powerful weapons littered about the arena. Every map has different combinations of weapons, and you may wish to acquire weapons from bosses by killing them.

Rest is statistics. Essentially a versus Mercenary mode, but with points coming from directly harming other players themselves.

There are team versions of these modes, pitting 2V2 action. So, obvious what they are.


– Army of One – Win 30 matches in Slayers.
– Eye of the Tiger- Win 30 matches in Survivors.
– The Team that slays together – Win 30 matches in Team Slayers.
– We Will Survive – Win 30 matces in Team Survivors.
– Keep the good times rolling – Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.
– It takes two to tango – Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers.
– It’s all about the points – Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors.
– There is no “I” in team – Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors.
– Let’s get this party started! – Unlock all selectable characters in Versus.
– Bring the Pain – Defeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus.

Off to play some more!


BioShock 2 Announced

11 03 2009


Let me just say  right off the bat, that I have no beat the first BioShock. I own it (bought it a few months ago) but I have not finished it. It’s a good game but there is just something about it I do not like. Plus, having to look down all the time to pick stuff up, actually made my neck start to hurt, not quite sure why…

But Take Two announced BioShock 2, along with a viral website for it. The website is “There’s Something in the Sea”, can you say viral? Here is also a picture of what I’m guessing is the thing that makes the red light that is visible by people above the water, along with a big sister from the game.


Not sure when it is coming out, but I better beat the first one before it does ;).


Killzone 2 Review (PS3)

5 03 2009


  • Game: Killzone 2
  • Developers: Guerrilla Games
  • Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: February 27th, 2009
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Console(s): Playstation 3

Did you ever play Killzone 1? Have you even heard of it? A lot of people haven’t, and there is a reason for that. Back in 2004, Killzone 1 was a highly anticipated game from Guerrilla Games and SCEA but it falled short of a great game. Well, Guerrilla Games came back, and with a mission to make one of the best games of all time.

The first trailer was shown at E3 2005, a trailer which sparked many debates between Xbox fanboys and Playstation fanboys. Was it CGI, or was it not? That was the biggest argument of them all.

Well, Guerrilla Games came back with a vegeance. After the failure of the first Killzone, people had their doubts about this game, saying it would not be good. Guerrilla Games were determined to prove the doubters, wrong. Did the highly anticipated Killzone 2 fall short? Or will it go down as one of the best ever?

Read the rest of this entry »

New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

3 03 2009

Square Enix just released new screen shots of Final Fantasy XIII, and they look very….. Final Fatnasy-ish.  Now my only question is, why do the guys in these screen shots look like complete douchebags? They look like they belong on, not in a video game.

Check out the gallery below.

You Can Now Trade Games Into Toys R Us

2 03 2009

jpg It turns out that you can now trade your old games, at Toys R Us. (only confrimed TRU doing this is in New York)

No word on whether or not they rip you off just like gamestop does, but it is surprising it took a store like Toys R Us this long to do what brought in $8.8 BILLION for Gamestop this past year.

Here is some info from Phear3D (the guy that posted this)

So I called the store today and asked specific questions about the program. I was told that it started 4 weeks ago and it last about 12 weeks. And its basically a test to see if they want to continue doing it. When I asked if they accept the old Xbox games she said that they accept every game.

Again im not sure how many stores they’re doing this test to, but the one I went to last night was this one:

NANUET, NY 10954
Phone: (845)624-8282
Sun 10:00am-7:00pm
Mon-Fri 10:00am-9:00pm
Sat 9:00am-9:00pm

Someone needs to go to a Toys R Us that you’re able to trade games in and find out how good their deals are. Gamestop only offered $10 for Grand Theft Auto IV (when I had an extra copy), huge rip off.

Just letting those who trade games in that they can go some where else besides Gamestop/EB Games, and possibly get more money.

Sorry For the Lack of Updates!

1 03 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy. Picked up Killzone 2 on Friday and will have that review up super soon. I found out something that should not be about the aiming and I am doing A LOT better now.
I will also be moving this to it’s own domain super soon, I’ll let you guy’s know what it is.

Just wanted to make a quick update, just so you know this blog isn’t dead. 🙂

Killzone 2 Review on Wednesday!

Street Fighter IV Review (360)

23 02 2009
Street Fighter is Back!

Street Fighter is Back!

Street Fighter IV is the first game of the series in nine years, and many welcome its return. There were many Street Fighters released between the third and the fourth, which were most (if not all) available via download on either PSN store or XBL marketplace. Well Street Fighter fans, put your Gis back on, tie that red headband, and get ready for some serious ass kicking!

Let me start off by saying, I am not much of a fan of the fighting genre, probably my least favorite. That said, I am hooked on Street Fighter IV. When I was playing it I was trying to think of how to do this review, since there really is no story mode, it is just fight after fight.

Example of the new art style in Street Fighter IV

Example of the new art style in Street Fighter IV

They went with a new art style for Street Fighter IV which involves a mixture of cell shaded and 3D design on the characters. It truly looks awesome, especially when you do a “focus attack”, there is a “paint splatter” effect which I found really cool. That being said about the characters, I wish they would have done some more with the backdrops of where you fight. There’s stuff moving around like animals and what not, but for some reason they don’t seem that great to me. Yes, you don’t look at the backdrop when you’re fighting, but sometimes your eyes do glance to it.

There are twenty-five characters all together, with five of them being new to the Street Fighter franchise. To get them all, you have to beat Arcade Mode with certain characters (example – Ryu unlocks Sakura). Sounds easy, but trust me, you will want to break your controller. Believe it or not, all of my years of gaming, I have never thrown my controller in frustration (especially these days with controllers being $60). Street Fighter IV almost changed that because of the boss “Seth” (aka The Puppet Master). He is by far the hardest boss I have ever fought in a game before, he has every move in the game and he pulls off ridiculous combos that make you go insane.

This is Seth, Oh how I hate him

This is Seth, Oh how I hate him

When I saw there was going to be online play for Street Fighter IV, I was kind of nervous. I thought the servers were going to be aboslute junk and would lag like crazy, boy was I wrong. The online is extremely smooth, the only time I had some lag was last night when playing a friend of mine. It would freeze for a second, then play smooth the rest of the match. However, I am having trouble joining ranked matches for some reason. I’ve tried multiple times to join and it just sets at the screen that says “Sending Data…” then says unable to join. I’m not sure if this is a problem on my end, or Capcom’s but I hope it gets fixed soon.

There are also new “Ultra” moves, in which there is a “revenge” gauge that fills up when you take damage. And you have to do a certain movement with the Joystick/D-Pad and then Triple Punch or Triple Kick. They’re extremely satisfying when you connect with them (a lot of them can be easily dodged) because it has the possibility to turn the fight around. If you have a hard time at the getting the movement down for them, go into training and do the motion over and over. (I was doing it too fast so it was messing the movement up)

This game is very fun, very frustrating at times (fighting Seth), but when you play online and win a match it is very gratifying. There is also a lot more depth than I expected in a fighting game.

All I have to say is, if you like fighting games, then buy this game. You don’t like fighting games? Buy this game. It is amazing how drawn in you get to this game, you really become addicted to it.

TGH Final Score – 5/5

Introducing Two New Affiliates

23 02 2009

If you see on the left side of the screen under links, you’ll see the links for my Youtube, Twitter, and then you will also see two links for “SpawnSC” and “GregHorrorShow”.

SpawnSC is a guy I know from the Spawn message boards, created his own blog which is very good, check it out. He reviews everything from comics, Spawn figures, to video games. Also register at his forums!

Then GregHorrorShow, he started following me on twitter and we started talking about linking each other websites. He discusses basically everything digital, music, movies, games, etc. If you’re looking for some new bands that not many know about, check his site out. He is always posting “check out these bands”.

For those of you that enjoy this blog, I hope you enjoy theirs as well.